Ratings of the financial strength and senior debt of Everest Re Group and/or its member companies are published from time to time by A. M. Best, Standard & Poor's and Moody's. These entities are independent rating organizations that evaluate companies based upon a variety of criteria, all as set forth in each organization's description of its ratings. Each of these entities periodically reviews its ratings, and there can be no assurance that the ratings of Everest Re Group or its member companies will be maintained in the future.

Financial Strength Ratings
Operating EntityA.M. BestStandard & Poor'sMoody's
Everest Reinsurance Company A+A+A1
Everest Reinsurance (Bermuda), Ltd. A+A+A1
Everest Reinsurance Company (Ireland), dac A+A+N/R
Everest National Insurance Company A+A+N/R
Everest Indemnity Insurance Company A+A+N/R
Everest Security Insurance Company A+N/RN/R
Everest Insurance Company of Canada A+A+N/R
Everest International Assurance, Ltd. A+AN/R
Everest Denali Insurance Company A+N/RN/R
Everest Premier Insurance Company A+N/RN/R
Everest Insurance Company (Ireland), dac N/RA+N/R
Everest International Reinsurance, Ltd. A+N/RN/R
Everest Reinsurance Company (Canada Branch) A+N/RN/R
Not Rated = "N/R"

Long Term Debt Ratings
Company/Debt TypeA.M. BestStandard & Poor'sMoody's
Everest Re Group Ltd
   Senior Unsecured - Shelf a- A-Baa1
   Subordinated - Shelf bbb+ NABaa2
   Preferred Stock - Shelf bbb BBBBaa3
Everest Reinsurance Holdings, Inc.
   Senior Unsecured a- A-Baa1
   Junior Subordinated bbb BBBBaa2
Everest Capital Trust II Preferred bbb+ BBBBaa2